Coined as the decathlete of all-things-lifestyle, I am a media personality, author and holistic lifestyle expert specializing in personal and professional development. I have created a lifestyle consulting firm that is a one-stop-shop for the entire person. Whether I’m leading a conversation on spiritual progression of the self, supporting clients with closing the gap between their past and present or having a full service image/wellness conversation, it all points towards living what I call, one’s “Plan A.”

Through my leadership and philosophy of “There Is Only Plan A,” I have unlocked a singular power house where purpose-driven companies, organizations and individuals can learn how to live their complete and best life.

I am: a leader, courageous, visionary and doer, listener, highly perceptive. I never ask clients to do anything that I have not done or am willing to do. I get results. I am a connector of people. I understand and have an uncanny ability to speak to agnostics, atheists, religious, spiritual, nonspiritual and people from various backgrounds. I provide comfort with a firm kick. I am kind, take no nonsense, and gentle with a commanding presence. I meet people where they are. I am consistent and I want to support people in achieving the best results possible.

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