2 Fall Meditations That Will Energize Your Work Week


Autumn’s chill has arrived. Summer vacations are over and back on the grind we go!  Kicking off your week with a guided cup of mediations might just be the spiritual and professional caffeine you need to combat your workload. Let’s center it! 

The Cleansing—Clear Your Mental Rolodex

As I begin this day and week in pursuit of my professional goals, I now release any
grudge, obstacle or negative attitude of yesterday. Today is a new day. I search for
joy, happiness and peace in my work relationships. I fully open my mind to allow
optimism, creativity and stimulation in my professional life to find me on this day.  

Renewal—Become the Shift In Creating A Better Work Environment and Role

I am a gift to my team, organization and the work that I do. I find methods of challenging myself in my profession, creating a more enjoyable career that increases my productivity and sharpens my skills. My work is valuable and I respect my gifts and talents by functioning in environments that appreciate and nurture my abilities. 
I am.

Klay WilliamsComment