Buttons Up: A Fashion DYI Upgrade 

If you’re anything like me, you might not be able to leave your house until you find the final touch to your outfit. Although, it can be a bit obsessive, at times, our eyes wander to any kind of accessories that we can utilize to give our look a fashion upgrade. Colors, patterns, textures, it all can be so fun and irritating at the same time. 

Scarves, shades, hair clips, jewelry and the like might be a quick answer. But, how can we upgrade our low and high-end purchases in one sitting and forgo the accessory overhaul? 

Here’s my secret. 

Come closer. 

Go to your nearest crafts or accessories store and upgrade your buttons to your coat, blazer, suit jacket or blouse! It’s a DYI project that can cost as little as $10.00. 

My new look is a blazer from H&M. I wanted a RL flavor, but could not find the perfect color tone, when it occurred to me that I could create my own look once I found a blazer that I liked. 

Secret: Find a blazer that you like. You can create the “love”.

Blazer, buttons and crest? $50. 

I cannot tell you how many compliments and “Where did you get that hot jacket from?!”, I hear every time I wear it. 

Klay WilliamsComment