Holiday Closet Rehab: 2 Styling Tips That Will Save You Time & Money

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The holiday shopping season has approached with a tenacity that I’m sure you did not expect. Can you believe that we are a few weeks shy of partaking in Thanksgiving/Gratitude meals?! Me either! 

Before you start your holiday shopping list for cocktail parties and dinners that you will attend, consider a few cost-efficient shopping techniques to get you through the holiday style season:

Shop in your own closet. How many times do we pop in to our closest boutique or department store when we have a holiday soiree or event to attend? “I do not have anything to wear!” Yikes, I’m super guilty of saying this often. On average, about 80% of clients that I work with, have garments in their closet that they have not worn in several years. Of course, the rule of thumb is to purge your closet of things that you have not worn in a year’s time.  Instead of charging that card, take inventory NOW of what you actually have in your closet. The holiday season is a great time, to not only purge, but to also internally shop for that great dress or suit that is in need of resurrecting, just in time for your champagne nights. Not only will you find some great “stunner pieces,” use this period to create room for the new. Donation centers and consignment stores are your friend. 

Understand the power of accessories. Accessories has the power to recreate, shift and completely transform any dress, suit, blazer and the like! A few years ago, I was not in a financial position to continuously shop for every holiday event that I was invited to attend. But, what did I have?! The power of creativity and a suit base to work with. Use your selected garment as a canvas. And, like any canvas, you have the power to color your work of art as you see fit. If you approach your clothing in this light, it will not only save you money in the long run, it will also sharpen your creativity. When it comes to accessories, the sky is truly the limit! 


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