Living to Die In Vain: The War on Courage and Belief

Where has our courage and belief gone to, exactly? When did it go into hiding? What happened in our time and space of existence that has relegated our generation in to becoming cowards?

There is an upheaval forming in this world and a call that needs to be answered—a responsibility that is bigger than our very own lives and a force that needs every single person to become an active participant in their journey.

Did we forget that every piece of the pie affects the whole?

The current backdrop of our every day lives is now present to war, purposeless living, hatred, “just getting by”, etc., like never before.  Ironically, we have become a passive nation, waiting on someone else to come and save us, speak up for the “other” and challenge power with courageous truth. (If you have not noticed, you have become “other”.)

Could it be possible, that you are whom we have been waiting for, all along?

What would the world look like if every human being were not afraid to challenge structures of hate, intolerance and purposeless living in their own community?

Community is in the boardroom, at your dinner table, during your morning commute, while standing on line at your grocery store, at soccer practice and the like, are all spaces that we must command and not turn a cheek to any longer.

It is gravely uncomfortable, but isn’t that the whole point of courageous transformation?

Courage asks us: How far are you willing to go to honestly live in your truth? What comforts are you willing to give up to purposefully live? How do you challenge people, places and authorities that you deem as having power?

We want this, that, a shift—change, but seldom are we willing to give up anything, without an expiration date, in order to achieve it.  Courage is deeply imbedded in our DNA, but unfortunately, just like some members of our animal kingdom, it’s becoming an extinct memory.

The truth is, evil exists in our world. Nevertheless, an alarming difference with individuals who are practicing forms of evil is that they actually believe in what they are doing and a lot of us do not. Do you understand how powerful “Belief” is?

Think about it, political representatives in office, CEOs, a cashier, mail carrier, teacher, student, parent, doctor, etc., all have a platform.  

You have a platform and an incredible influence to confront the lane in which you operate on a daily basis.

While I live by the teachings and have devout respect for our spiritual aides, do not tell me what Jesus, Ghandi, Buddha and other revered deities/leaders said, did or believe.

What do you believe—in action?

If you were confronted with your fate in order to shift an era, what would you truly stand up and fight for? Do you value your very own life force to contribute by discovering, living and sharing your purpose with the world?

Living courageously and finding belief in our very own lives, is now a matter of life and death.  We have the power to shift an entire generation in moving forward in peace, purpose and understanding.




Show us.




Klay WilliamsComment