5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Write A New Year’s Manifesto, NOW.

Every year, around the holiday season, we are confronted with several questions that surround our preparation for the new year:

Who am I buying for this year?

What will I do to celebrate?  

Who will host holiday dinners?

While, it’s important to adorn our families and self with the best holiday celebrations, it is also vital to set an intention for the next year of our lives. How do we accomplish this intention?

The answer is very clear. Write a New Year’s Manifesto. 

A New Year’s Manifesto is a plan of action that details what you would like the next phase of your life to become.  Unlike goal setting and other targeted dream boards, New Year’s Manifestos includes the “difficult” things that we must clear out of our lives in order to accomplish our dreams and goals.  Frankly speaking, this includes people, behaviors, jobs, addictions, things and attitudes that no longer serve us.

Top 5 reasons to write a New Year’s Manifesto:

Life becomes more abundant. Peace of mind and manifestation comes to our lives when we are – Clear. Have you ever noticed that sometimes you have a goal in mind, yet year after year nothing happens? Chances are, you are not totally clear and specific about the things that you desire.  New Year’s Manifestos are all about specificity and does not have room for vague thinking, such as:, “Well, I think that I might want to...” or “I’m not smart enough to…” Your language of choice: I can and I will.

When the record is written, it gives us power. What do we ask for, whenever a company offers us a job, a promotion or a business deal? We respond with, “May I have it in writing?”  There is something powerful, binding and reliable when we are able to read a promise or obligation on paper.  Writing your New Year’s Manifesto will ask you to be responsible to the change you have requested! 

We eliminate obstacles and roadblocks in our lives. The phrase, “You are responsible for your life,” is better understood when we really and truly believe this statement. Your NY’s Manifesto will give you power to accomplish your goals while also being clear of who and what will no longer be a part of your journey. 

We become a magnet for success. A path can only be offered to those who are open, willing and ready for change.  What I know for sure, is that the path will not only create a better you, it will also bring a new level of power to attract success and people who will support you along the way to your end goal.

Life will become better and better.  Every thing in life is about consistency.  Whether we have consistent positive or negative behavior, there usually is some form of regularity to our actions and outcomes.  We want to set an intention for the rest of our new year and the more we practice receiving/giving love, accept responsibility and clarity for our life, the more virtues of abundance will come.  Miracles is what we will expect and search for—setting the tone for our next life cycle. 

Klay WilliamsComment