Thank You. More Please, 2015: Color Our Hearts In Gratitude

A moment and season to pause, share and reflect has come. Over a meal of outpouring love, sealed passion and grateful hearts, we arrive:

Friend, family, brother, sister, son, cousin, daughter—all, we arrive.

Miracles found in the unexpected has kissed our lips this year, while encounters of the in-between gave us time to ask, “Why, How, What and Where?”

Some moments we wish to not revisit, others we pray will never end—yet in all, we find ourselves at the commencement of the season of gratitude.

May you find gratitude in the gift of receiving—to validate, uplift and further discover the significance of your presence.

Allow the gift of selfless giving guide you towards the nook and crevices of forgotten friendships and family, those who have fallen out of our sight, but not out of our hearts—And others who are simply in authentic need.

We arrive through embodied ancestral reverence—for those who have come before us, shared in our personal journeys and now departed to the next and the next cycle of life. Grateful, are we.

In gratitude we call forth justice, exploration and guidance in world systems that has failed the people that inhabit this land. Let the vibrations of our hearts, in this moment, call upon peace, love and deep, deep compassion. Grateful, are we.

In gratitude, may we continue to develop our very own courageous personhood—those places and spaces, pleading with us to rise to the uppermost crown of our souls. Grateful, are we.

To touch, taste, see, smell, hear and experience—grateful, are we.

We gather in shared wisdom, enchanting nourishment and new beginnings, both shared and unspoken…grateful, are we.

And in whatever tradition that warms our hearts and calls forth homage to the God, Source or Higher Power we find refuge: Amen, Namaste and those unexpressed, we humbly say, “Thank You.”

Klay WilliamsComment