Success Story Mondays: “I Would Not Have Been Given A Gift If I Weren’t Meant to Use It.”

Photo Credit: Cathryn Lynne

Photo Credit: Cathryn Lynne

Meet Opera Singer, Holli Harrison, a courageous, bold and talented woman that I had the pleasure and honor of coaching. As life would have it, I met this beautiful light at a major crossroad in her journey. Through a lot of hard work/action, moments of sheer vulnerability, remarkable grace and honest reflection, Holli courageously gave herself permission to fight against giving up.

Read Holli’s incredible story:

“I was at a juncture in my life, after some massive loss—and I felt lost.  I knew that if I did not get someone to help support me back into the right direction, it would be easy to get buried in the pain and overwhelming sense of sadness that I felt at the time.  

I had done therapy before, and although I found it beneficial, I knew I needed something different than sitting on a couch. I needed work. I needed to do the dirty work that I had not experienced in working with a therapist before.”

Ask for support.

“With the loss of my mother and best friend in such a short time, my spiritual journey had hit a dead end. I started to not only lose faith in myself and people around me, I started to lose faith in God. Through the work I did with Klay, I was able to see that there was God in the end. And, I was able to find a connection to my mom and my friend, even though they were not physically on this planet anymore.”

Loss is very difficult. However, through courage and determination you are able to discover your very own resurgence of truth—A truth that no one can take away.

“After this massive life shift, I started to question my purpose and wondered, ‘how is my singing remotely beneficial to this planet?’ Klay was able to help me uncover that I would not have been given a gift if I weren’t meant to use it. It felt so irrelevant in the grand scheme of what was happening in the world. But, I discovered that it’s ultimately about using your gift to light someone’s dark corner, even for just a moment.

And I needed to be reminded of that and the people that left me would be heartbroken if I had let their journey/past...transition into a different place cause me to give up on what I had worked so hard for and towards.”

Your gifts are the light ‘of' and ‘in' the world.

A special, thank you to Holli for graciously sharing her story with us. She teaches us that every experience, moment and interaction has meaning and value. And, when we boldly return to the idea of purpose, its wisdom teachings allows us to heal, persevere and light the world around us. Today, Holli is an Opera Singer at the Met, currently reprising a role that she made her debut in. Ms. Harrison will also be preparing a concert with the Savannah Philharmonic and she looks forward to working with Nashville’s Blood:Water organization. 


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