It’s Never too Much: Office Appropriate to Holiday Party Chic

Barneys has us excited over here at Plan A to see all of the holiday fashion trends for this celebratory season. A major movement this year for our fashion forward ladies? - The power of a statement patterned dress. Just to be clear, Ralph Lauren really is the king of juxtaposing breathtaking patterns, with unparalleled detail in a classic way - and has been doing so for well over a decade. This year, It’s never too much when you pack a patterned dress with a great blazer to the office and then out to your favorite holiday party. 

Our accessories recommendation:  A side bun, simple studs, a killer clutch (TIP: whatever is the least dominate color of your patterned dress, grab a clutch that is in the same color family) and a power heel. 

Cheers to a beautiful holiday season - as you reflect your value inwardly and allow it to flow outwardly. 

Klay WilliamsComment