Dear Plan A: Purposed Career vs. Love. How do I choose?

Dear Klay, I just received an amazing job offer for an international agency that is located in London. My career is on fire and this might be my last chance! The dilemma? I am in an amazing relationship – the dream relationship with my ideal man who has told me over and over again that he cannot do long distance relationships. What should I do – dream guy or dream job?


Dear Reader,

There are two things to consider: 1.) Purpose of self and 2.) Partnership found in purpose

First, stop limiting yourself to the idea that this is your last chance for advancement.

You’ve already positioned your mind in prepping an answer based on fear and not one that is grounded in the truth of who you really are, your purpose or what you truly want.

Secondly, EVERYONE has a personal method in how they receive answers that are grounded in truth.

Grab a sheet of paper and think about the last 3 major decisions you’ve had to make. Next, ask yourself, “How did I come to an answer? What steps did I take and how did I know for sure it was the right decision—for me?” This is your Plan A blueprint—the gifting method that we all receive, in knowing how to find answers to some of life’s biggest concerns. There is no need in changing how life communicates with you. You have to trust your Plan A blueprint—it’s your special line to the Universe.

Lastly, there is partnership and then there is partnership found in purpose. Partnership found in purpose says that our significant others respect our personal callings in life—even when that goes against one’s personal desires in the immediacy.  He has a right to feel the way he does, but relationships that are lasting will never ask you to choose between your calling and love.

Do your work here—and whatever decision you come up with know that the same power that has guided you your entire life is guiding you in this moment.  You must trust your blueprint.


Klay WilliamsComment