You Are Not A Mechanic - Stop With the Fixing

Why do we have this obsessive need with attempting to save other people? As if we have the answer and golden ticket in ushering life to others, through some form of a cosmic jackpot? You know, the space that governs all things amazing, great and valued.

This is not about our love in supporting another. This is not even about our control issues. It’s about attempting to fix someone to be more like who we think they should be-come and not who they actually must become.

Fixing is selfish and not for the results that we might believe or think.

Saving, fixing and working to shift someone into our belief systems of “higher good” imposes a value judgment on the direct evolution of one’s spirit.

Put another way, every person has lessons that he or she must learn in their lifetime. And, while you may want to protect others from said “lessons”, you might just be preventing them from experiencing the things that will later save their lives, enhance their spiritual, mental, emotional or physical sensibilities; or, take away critical evolving steps that has everything to do with their destiny.

Their life.

Love has this great ability to show someone our affections, support and care.

But, love is also a form of detachment—an experience that takes a lot of work to nurture.

The next time that you sit to journal about your love for your brother, mother, sister, partner or wife, ask yourself, “How can I upgrade this love experience in my relationship? What is the best method of support that I can give to him or her?”

Instead of gorgeous flowers, a grand trip or, an incredible bottle of wine, seek to discover what you can do to support their evolving spirit, by respecting its direction and needs—without exercising a judgment in fixing.


Klay Williams1 Comment