Mondays Matter: 3 Ways to Be Grounded In Sweet ‘16

Sweet ’16 is here and I’m sure you are anxious to delve into your new goals, potential resolutions and dreams. Approaching your new year start requires you to be in a place of clarity - a grounding sense of purpose that will give you the gusto to tackle the next year of life. Before, you jump into productive mode, let’s make sure you are all set to go. 

3 Ways to Be Grounded in Sweet ’16 looks like this: 

I am grounded in the present moment. The number one difficulty that most people face with goal setting is that they are so focused on the future goal that they negate the energy and power of being present in today - not remembering that our present actions, thoughts and feelings inform our long term goals. As you vision for the future, write down an intention that you have for the day. What is one small step that you can take in the present moment - each day - that places you one step closer to your dreams/goals? 

Stop holding grudges - learn to let it go by being honest. Little things will inevitably grow in becoming large problems when we do not address it moving forward. Sometimes when faced with a problem, you will say, “Oh, it’s not a big deal...whatever, I don’t care.” BUT, actually, do you really care? And if so, that’s OK. We must take time to feel our emotions without judgment, expressing our feelings out loud and perhaps writing these thoughts down. The road towards not being easily irritated, frazzled or carrying anger starts with acknowledging our feelings. 

Being grounded requires flexibility. You might not think that being flexible has anything to do with learning how to remain grounded, but think about it this way: most people who are successful in any goal, understands the power of mastering ebbs and flows...constant change. Remaining flexible says that you are not afraid of shifting priorities, restructuring time commitments and are able to say “No” to things that do not serve you any longer. 

Let’s make Sweet ’16 the best year possible as you master moving variables, change and amazingness that this incredible year will bring. 

Klay WilliamsComment