Life Hack: 5 Lies That Keep Us In Unhealthy Relationships

We stay in bad relationships for a multitude of reasons. Yet, rarely do we actually take time to examine our personal belief systems around what we feel that we deserve - often times creating a continual cycle of unhealthy experiences. This leads to lies that we tell ourselves about receiving a loving, respectful and fulfilling bond with another.

What are some of the top 5 stories that we’ve heard this year as to why we stay in unhealthy relationships? 

  1. I am not worthy of more.       Judgement on your value as an individual.
  2. I can change him or her.         Were you taught to be a fixer?   
  3. I will never find anyone better.  Familiarity syndrome. Are you afraid of the unknown?
  4. I have too high of expectations. Settling is better than being alone. Your story, perhaps? 
  5. Financial Security is more important than my happiness. It’s cheaper to keep him or her. In love with your lifestyle, but not with your partner? 

The hard cold truth? Creating a shift starts with your willingness to face, well, truth. The great thing about truth is that often times, we really do not need someone to share new information in regards to what we already know. Knowledge is only influential when there is a plan-of-action in place. So, how do you step-up your self-love game? 

The difficult question that can lead to a dramatic shift, self/relationship improvement and new beginnings: I know my own truth. I accept it. But, what will I now do with it? 




Klay WilliamsComment