Surviving The Giving Season in 5-Self Care Tips

Before you start making your lists and checking them twice, a lost idea that you should consider adopting early on is developing “Intentional” methods of self-care, as you approach the giving season and gear up for 2017. 

Here are lifestyle expert Klay S. Williams' tips for setting a self-care plan to survive the holiday giving season: 

  1. Be Your Own Santa Claus. It’s unheard of to think of yourself first when plotting out meaningful and fabulous gift ideas for loved ones - but after all of your hard work with planning meals, itineraries, schedules, give yourself permission to pre-purchase a special treat that is just for you, to look forward to during or after the holiday season to recharge. 
  2. Divide & Conquer - Who says that you have to have it all together? If you’re hosting dinner this year, make it more of a pot luck gathering where well coordinated meals are celebrated and team work is introduced. All guests should be prepared to give this holiday season, by contributing with more than their delightful presence. More time celebrating self-care/family and less time doing it all. 
  3. Exchange Love Letters - It’s true! For most of our families, the holiday season is usually one time that everyone or mostly everyone from our family circle will be together. Instead of exchanging glittery gifts, why not give loved ones special “What do you mean to me” letters. It’s a gift that will never go out of style and rise in value as time goes on. The insatiable feeling and gift of sharing our love of heart restores and comforts! 
  4. 7-Days of Christmas “Mom Style” - It’s quality, not quantity. Self-care time is often missing during the holiday season as we often hear, “I just do not have time to do things for myself.” No problem, make time, by understanding that it’s not about the length of time spent taking care of yourself, but the consistency/quality of time offered. Mark your calendar with a 15 minute gift that you can give to yourself. Is it using your favorite shower gel, enjoying a yummy piece of chocolate that only comes during this season or holiday beverage. Regardless, put 15 minutes of self-care time on your calendar. 
  5. Seek out support from your work BFF - Where do you spend most of our time? Yes, at work! You have developed incredible work wives, girlfriends and BFF’s who also act as a confidant. Elicit their support for accountability and support. Share with them your self-care goals during the holiday season and ask them to not only support you, but join you. 

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