4 Things My Evening Run Taught Me About Vision

I love fitness. I enjoy taking time to go for a run, a nice workout or cycle.  It is my time to connect with myself, listen and breath. 

Yesterday evening, I noticed that my eye was a bit puffy, so I thought that I would take out one contact and leave the other one in (to be able to see the distance). I know. I know. 

And, I was off. 

The breeze. 



My vision was great in one eye and of course a bit blurry in the other. As I began to bob and weave in and out of traffic, avoid a scuffle between two squirrels and dog walkers, I noticed that there was something that I was using other than my normal sense of eye “vision” to navigate my run.

Ah, I see now. 

Here are the 4 things my evening run taught me about vision: 

Vision requires us to anticipate by using our intuition. Before each “obstacle” along my run, I had this insane feeling that it was coming up before I even saw what was actually happening. How amazing it is to know that I, like you, have an internal guidance system that is more powerful than vision reflected in our eyes?!

Vision requires us to listen. I heard the cyclist behind me several feet before she approached, which prompted me to move over to the right. As she passed, I thought to myself, “I saw you, because I listened out for you.” 

Vision requires us to trust. I settled into my evening run by being present. I noticed the incredible sunset, the last bloom of early fall and new shrubbery, as a result of trusting myself to find my way. 

Vision requires us to get out and move. I could have stayed in and came up with some excuse as to why I could not complete my run. But, I decided to get out and keep moving. 

Whether you’re out attempting a run with partial vision or taking on a new startup, beginning a relationship or moving to a different state, etc., always remember that vision is not just here to guide us, it serves as a reminder that we have all that we need to complete our run. 

Klay WilliamsComment