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Intention is often the missing link between having a fantastic idea vs. actually creating a solid project. Whether you’re a procrastinator, an individual who has a hard time committing work to completing your goals or just need an added boost to kick off your wish lists, let’s get it right in 2017! SUBSCRIBE now (Click HERE) to KSW’s 2017 Calendar of Intention. You will receive a FREE monthly downloadable calendar, with affirmations, a monthly “how-to-best-use” voice recording (on the 15th preceding each new month) and coaching tips to support you in creating the life that you want. 

No more excuses. No more novel ideas. You have the immense power of shifting and changing not only your personal universe, but the world at large. Purchase both of my books by visiting the online store “Books” tab. Taking responsibility for your life means that you are clear on the intent behind each action, through each day, week and month ahead. It requires planning and actual work. 

Intentions create results, clarify and drastically minimizes confusion. Commit to paper your goals and watch the power of consistency, perseverance and manifestation work in your life. 

Let’s go! 2017 will not create itself. 

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