Special KSW #SmallBusinessSaturday Coaching Packages

It’s #SmallBusinessSaturday and we are excited to offer you the following concessions on our holistic coaching packages: 

Plan A Intensive Package:
Known as the "afternoon experience," this package includes one mega four-hour session geared toward your specific area of concern. Talk it out in consecutive 50-minute segments with 10-minute breaks to reflect between. Includes a 30-minute consultation. Value: $2,499

#SmallBusinessSaturday Investment (20% OFF): $1,999

Plan A Interval Package:
Looking to change your life in a big way? Opt for this four-week program to address critical big-picture issues. You'll get four 90-minute sessions along with a 45-minute consultation and twice-weekly email support. I'll help you listen to the most important voice: your own. Value: $3,999

#SmallBusiness Saturday Investment (30% OFF): $2,799

Plan A Exclusive Membership Package:
The Plan A Lifestyle Membership is a luxury mind, body, spirit, and professional total makeover experience. Sometimes in life we are in need of having a personal dream team of life coaches, fitness experts, nutritionists, personal stylists and more to place our lives on a higher platform. This package is an all-inclusive membership, with access to the industry’s best in health, beauty and wellness–the full range of a Plan A transformation. Value: M/P

#SmallBusinessSaturday Investment (50% Off): M/P Customized Pricing

To reserve your package, click HERE and complete the brief form to receive invoice, welcome package and appointment. 

#SmallBusinessSaturday Deals are available until 11/28/2016 at 11:59 PM. 


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