Life Lessons: Baptized By The Grace Of Champagne

The spirit of the holiday season is upon us, with pit stops around business parties, BFF holiday soirees, impromptu happy hour conversations and the most exciting - benefit galas. Last Sunday, I was lucky enough to attend an incredible gala for the Metro Manhattan Links, Inc. The night was absolutely incredible - full of old friends, new friends, a call to courageously move forward in purpose, fundraising and dancing for hours on top of hours. 

How could the evening get any better? 

Enthralled in provocative and intriguing conversation, a hostess came over to our table to ask if we would like another glass of champagne. My pseudo-witty and gorgeous second date (long story), the lovely Denise, said, "Sure!" Our conversation continued. 

Champagne flutes arrive. 

Our hostess offers Denise her glass of champagne first, while haphazardly knocking over the secondary glass of bubbles. 

No big deal, right?! 

In motion-picture-slow mode, the magical flute of liquid found its way over the crown of my head, continuing to flow on the front and back of my suit. 

I was soaked. 

The entire table stopped in mid-conversation with a silent moment of gasp. Ironically, their stares adjusted from my damp exterior to lock eyes on my face. I could feel intrinsic thoughts of, "What will he do? How is he going to respond? Oh no!", engulf their minds. 

I began to laugh. 

The hostess had a look of horror on her face. 

I was baptized by the grace of champagne. 

She gave me several napkins - still horrified. 

I was luckily baptized by the grace of champagne.

"Sir, I am so sorry. I am so, so, so sorry."

Did I mention that I was baptized in the fabulous grace of champagne?!

Here's what I know. Mistakes happen. Every single day, someone, you, me, us, we are going to make a mistake. We have no sense of what people are experiencing outside of their "work", relationships, day-to-day experiences, etc. Our hostess was relieved to know that grace was extended to her, as moments before entering the gala, grace was extended to me. 

If we stop to take note of the power that grace offers to ourselves, strangers, neighbors, family and the like, our world would be a much better place. 

I know - there's so much privilege written throughout this story. I recognize that for sure! What's the larger context that I'm getting at here? 

The next time a mistake happens - whether to you or by you - think about how much higher the vibration of your actions can go. Go high. Stay high.

And more importantly, remember that it is never ever too much to have a second baptism of grace in champagne lights. (Smile)


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