Let's Be Clear: "When They Go Low, We Go High" Unlocked

It has become a phrase that has caused us to listen a bit more intently, a call for directed action and an opportunity to tap into a space of unwavering grace. Popularly coined by First Lady Michelle Obama, when they go low, we go high has given us a new found sense of expectation - a plea to respectively round out she and her husband's legacy of hope - while simultaneously also asking us to become intrinsically connected to our divinity.

Like most hope-filled-catch phrases, we cheerfully respond to the feeling that these provocative-feel-good words offer us - but the truth is: sometimes, we fall short in boldly living within the call.

We have moved in to a time of great opportunity to rise to our God-Given probability. However, like most moments of ambitious "potential" comes an important understanding that cannot be ignored: Intention rooted in a deep clarity of what, who, where, when and how.

To be clear, we must be "clear" on the charge - the task at hand - to determine the question of our life-hour: What is being asked of me?

The utter most summation to get this party started (yet continued for some) is quantified in point one: Do us all a favor. Please stop asking, why are you here to experience this and replace that question with, "Where will I begin to serve?"

Be slow to anger, yet quick to strategize. Anger creates chaos, confusion and missed opportunities. Ask yourself in any given situation, will my current response have a greater impact than a well thought out plan of action? Am I nurturing the part of my ego that take things personally, or am I utilizing the space of my internal confidence to wisely respond in truth? Am I offering courageous grace to the whole or am I thinking about how my response will make me look? 

Stop telling us what you're going to do. Show us. 

Challenge racial stereotypes, microaggressions, xenophobic behavior, etc. You'll have great practice. Start at your dinner table this holiday season. Have you ever examined the foundation of conditions that gave you a base for your internal beliefs? Without judgement, take inventory of conversations at your dinner table (always), but especially during the holiday season. What does mom really feel about people of color? Have you unconsciously ignored Uncle Jim's misogynistic comments about women? Did you know that your brother is working in his community as an ally for LGBTQ issues? There is no such thing as good vs bad. But, we have to go back to basics and understand what we were/are taught - and speak in support or in education to our loved ones. 

Respond in kind to those who are oppressed because their oppression is also your oppression.

Ask for what you're worth. Let me preface by saying as a privileged male, It is not my role or intention to tell a woman what she should do. But, as an advocate and sought after coach in workforce and personal development for international women empowerment organizations, ladies go high (all pun intended) and ask for what you're worth, in your professional world, personal life and any other realm in space and time that requires full acknowledgment of your immense (and equal) contribution to our world. Men, it is our job to challenge these systems and make it our business to do all that we can to respectively call out our direct communities, in both personal, spiritual and professional spheres that deny women full support. Be clear, there is a difference between help and support. We must fall in line and listen, act and do. 

Educate yourself. It's time that we start comparing notes, rather than relying and/or expecting any member of an oppressed community to offer exam answers to every question or moment of curiosity that easily requires a free book rental at your local library. Earn your way, by learning the way.

Stop giving hate and vitriol language a platform. What you promote and/or give voice to, you also give power to - whether unconscious or not.

Stop trying to organize nationally when your own community is in peril. We often think, "It has to be big. I have to do it on a national stage", and believe that purpose work in our very own backyard is not a large enough platform of influence. All purpose work is big and vital to the whole. 

Place your guilt on permanent vacation mode. Well, I just thought...(Nope). I wanted to, but...(mmmm, mmmm). If only I could've...(Nah). Guilt is never about a marginalized community. It is about you - an unconscious desire to blame other people and reside in perpetual victimhood. As a result of your inability to courageously respond to what you intuitively knew/know to be of a higher light, you chose/choose the latter. 

Put your financial resources where your passionate rhetoric is positioned. Plainly suggested, "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is" is a must! A lot of organizations and causes who are championed to carry a lived experience to the forefront needs financial capital to expand their work, compensate their workers (who usually work for free) and pay to keep the lights on, among other needs.

Go High and Forgive. Forgiveness is the most underutilized spiritual teaching - a body of knowledge that always give you the upper hand in any situation. I write in my book There Is Only Plan A, "Give to them forgiveness and in turn the universe will give you back your life," because forgiveness is an embodiment of true authentic power and a maturity that says you are ready to lead. While forgiveness is totally for you, you want to be whole when you are in a space of rising in purpose. You cannot; I repeat, you cannot be at the the top of your game with vengeance and hate in your heart. Sustainable clarity can never come. You cannot see beyond the surface of any encounter. Every decision rendered would be based on your humanity and not your intuition.

Appeal to one's soul and not to their humanity. Forget about amassing power. Power is futile in our attempts of rising to a higher purpose in this context. Create influence. It has and will always stand the test of time - well beyond your physical presence on earth. What is your higher self asking you to communicate? There is a common ground that will begin to chip and then chip away at another's spiritual self, whether you realize it or not. 

Have Faith in Hope and Hope in Faith. The crosscurrent of possibilities and likelihood of all things becoming real things rely on our ability to not lose hope in faith. Faith must walk simultaneously in hope. There, room for the divine can be easily seen, sought after, rather than demanded in a state of mental struggle. The mystery of faith is yours to own, but only when you release its ability to show you the way. 

Repeat and add (or subtract even) to this list - It's all a start in our collective effort to contribute to this great purposed work.

When they go low, we go high is complex work. I invite you to meet me at the HUB, i.e., Lululemon's HUB Seventeen for my new monthly workshop series, SANCTUARY, beginning on January 29, 2017 at 1 PM. TO RSVP, Click HERE. 

Together, we have the opportunity to rise. 


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