Why I Decided To Take My Physical Health Seriously

2013 vs. 2016

2013 vs. 2016

Nowadays, you can find me at the gym at least 6 days a week and it’s not because I am a “gym head”- but an enlightened realization that I can only be as successful as my physical body allows. 

As an entrepreneur, lifestyle expert and author, while I took my spiritual, mental and emotional health very seriously, there was something lacking. Of course, like most people who are creating a  brand, have daily responsibilities as parents or whose schedule is out-of-control, I developed excuses as to why I could not activate a full work out regimen. While, I had an active life with an occasional run, a quick yoga session or buddy day at my local gym, it was not enough to make a dent in the physical health maintenance that I knew I was responsible in performing. 

I was invited by my partner to the gym one day and was totally embarrassed at how “out-of-shape” I was. I seriously had no clue! But, something happened during my first work out session. I noticed that a few more ideas of clarity about my business came to me. I was very tired, but felt strangely energized. There were no physical results as of yet, but then again I felt a lot better about life in general.

Can there be additional benefits in taking care of my body? Hmmmm.

I made time by including workouts in my calendar, as if it were client appointments, withstanding meet ups with a friend or a paid engagement. When friends would ask if I were available to hang out, I started to check my schedule against my work out calendar. My body started to transform - I had more energy and an incredible sense of relief post my workouts. 

Not only did physical exercise become by religion, it also became a form of therapy for me - an opportunity to think through and process some of the difficult questions, challenges and ideas that I would have to answer. 

In addition to taking time to research healthy meal options, I started to follow BJ Gaddour, Digital Fitness Director for Men’s Health Magazine on instagram. Not only does he share (daily) innovative killer work outs, he also offer tips to reduce injury. Plus, I also have taken great digital note from Group Fitness Expert, Tara Bedard, owner of Train with Tara. 

Plainly put, I want to live a long, prosperous, healthy, of-service and loving life. 

Making the decision to take my physical health seriously, has offered me tremendous results, greater than what I could have imagined. Everything has a domino effect. The more we strengthen our emotional, spiritual, mental and physical muscle, the greater we are able to attract the life we want and more importantly, maintain our success. When life might not go in the direction that we want, we are better able to deal with the uncertainties in pure strength. 

Research different exercise programs that work well for you. Be sure to consult your physician before you begin a rigorous exercise program. Trust me - it makes all the difference. 

Happy Training!

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