A Call to Flow, In Love

This weekend, we celebrate the incredible connection that love offers us. Whether, it is love of self, romantic/familial love, divine love or simply exploring new ways to express our affections, we find ourselves surrounded by limitless devotion in sharing a very powerful sentiment.

How about we take it one step further?  

Looking for an exciting, challenging and loving expression to share with friends, partners or yourself? Join, the inimitable Kim Copeland, as she presents an incredible yoga workshop, "Open to Love". Our favorite yogi describes tomorrow's offerings as a heated yin and yang practice: deep stretching followed by an invigorating vinyasa flow, infused with meditations on LOVE. 

Her only request? 

Be Open. 

Kim is an incredible yoga teacher that has also served as a consultant for our clientele. With stunning reviews and testimonials, she is available for private yoga client sessions, workshops and more. To learn and inquire additional information about Kim Copeland and her services, feel free to reach out via email at: Ks_Copeland@yahoo.com.

Kim Copeland 

Kim Copeland 

For event registration and details please click on the following link: http://www.powerflownj.com/workshops-events

Have an incredible weekend! 

Loving you,

The Plan A Team 

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