Success Story Tuesdays! “I Officially Re-entered the Workforce Today. Can You Believe It?"

Yes we can! 

The greatest success stories that touch our hearts is when we hear from clients post coaching and their lives begin to emulate the hard work, dedication and new Plan A reality that we've worked towards. Our Founder, Klay coached a multitude of workforce development seminars and classes for Dress For Success, Worldwide in New York City.  The classes were geared toward supporting women in identifying barriers - both socially, economically, professionally, and interpersonally - that prevented them from moving forward in life. Just last night, a cohort member sent Klay the following message: 

“...thank God I officially re-entered the workforce today. Can you believe it?! Thank you for all of your support and encouragement.” 

After a year of being unemployed and uncertain about the future, it can be very difficult for anyone to see beyond their circumstance.

However, she did it! 

We automatically might feel, “What is wrong with me? It’s my fault. I cannot seem to move forward.” Our client stayed the course, took constructive feedback, but more than ever, would not let her current situation dictate the new Plan A reality that she envisioned and believed for her self. 

The Plan A process is not just about receiving “things." It’s about being your very best and using what you have learned as a platform to extend a hand to others. And, the cycle of support can be shared with another, and another, and another. Our guess is that after every developmental stage within her life process, that she experienced - her hands will remain open to support the life of another. 

Kudos, you deserve it!  

Klay WilliamsComment