Your 30-Day Self Work Out Plan for Healing


Were you stuck in April? Unable to move on from a painful occurrence? 

It’s time to

Not another day, week, or month. The time is now. 

Here is an intentional exercise to support you, as May begins. 

Healing is found in all of the places that require new beginnings. It’s not healing that we are fearful of—it’s the act of starting over that gives us pause.

Your Mantra: I am an active participant of finding joy in new beginnings.

Action: Supplies—1 pack of skittles, 1 small cup, pen and paper

Write down 1 area of healing in your life that you would like to focus on for the next 30 days.

Example: Healing from my broken relationship with my father

On Day 1, when you rise in the morning, write down 1 new action step that you will focus on for the day in pursuit of healing. Example: Maybe you write a letter to yourself asking for forgiveness, or a letter to your father sharing your feelings and offering forgiveness.

After accomplishing your task, at the end of the day, place one skittle in your cup to represent the completed action you took towards healing yourself.  

Although having 30 skittles in your cup by the end of the month is great, this process is to show you that with each small step that you take – big or small, you have the power to control your healing process.

If you were unable to complete the action for the proposed day, it’s OK! Be patient with yourself and attempt to fulfill the process on the next day.

If you feel healed from the obstacle before 30 days are up, feel free to tackle another area of healing that might be of concern.

Either way your courage to seek a new way of living your life will always point towards healing.