A Reader’s Message That Brought Us to Tears

Purpose is beautiful. It is even more of an incredible experience when our readers not only interpret, believe in action and become their Plan A - but when they teach their children how to embody the same principles. We were brought to tears when we received the following message from a reader who completed Klay’s first book, There Is Only Plan A

Read below and be sure to have a box of tissue close by: 

“Hi, I wanted to send something that my son wrote last night. He started a new program and overheard some things that were not nice. So I told him how he was God’s Plan A and how God has a Plan A for him. This is what he then wrote when he got home. Please forward this to Klay. I didn’t know what to say but now I do. Here is his original writing as well."

A beautiful reminder that if we teach our children courage, how to live in and on purpose and the power of actionable intention, they can become who they were created to be - as well as their moms and dads. 

Klay WilliamsComment