ProFinder For The Win

Ah, the smell of sweet victory for us small business owners, freelancers and experts looking to make a big splash in the new digital age of ‘gigging' it up.

I am so excited to announce that I’ve joined the masses of other high quality experts within the LinkedIn community. LI’s new portal, ProFinder ( is a space where consumers can explore professionals (for hire) from various backgrounds - ranging from graphic designers, financial planners, to a life coach and beyond. 

So, how does it work? 

You, as the consumer can put together a request for proposals, for the specified area that you’re looking to hire an experienced professional.

The cool part? 

Vetted experts from various backgrounds will submit proposals to you (up to 5 professionals to choose from - at a time) to peruse at your leisure. Quality vs. quantity, dear reader.  You are able to not only research the professional's background, read client testimonials and experience, you can be directed to their website as well. So, why not give it a try instead of the arduous google search that can take way too much time? After all, time is money - and with this centralized user-friendly new service, a few clicks can have your needs fulfilled. 

As a holistic lifestyle expert, specializing in personal and professional development, this service allows potential new clients to gain a snap shot of how my specific area of expertise can be vital to their success. ProFinder ( has built in 15-minute complimentary consultations that I find so very helpful when discussing my proposal with a potential client. Most times, the client has already performed a thorough research of my background (as a result of ProFinder’s set up) and we are able to focus more on the work needed - to expeditiously get started! 

To learn more about Klay S. Williams and his holistic personal and professional development services, please click on the video link below: 

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