I Get It, Now: Evolving To Serve The Soul of Our World

Author & Holistic Lifestyle Expert, Klay S. Williams at Lululemon's HUB Seventeen, New York City 

Author & Holistic Lifestyle Expert, Klay S. Williams at Lululemon's HUB Seventeen, New York City 

Over the weekend, I was super blessed to lead a discussion at Lululemon's HUB Seventeen in New York City. Outside of my approach to the discussion of how to heal racial injustice (from a purpose standpoint), I discovered a notion that has transformed the way in which I approach my work - and forever will, I'd imagine. 

In hindsight, I wanted to utilize my platform, past experiences and education to contribute to the conversation that has divided so  many of us who live in the states - and world at large, for that matter. But, how, I thought? 

Here's what I discovered. In a nutshell, my work with clients speak of our individual and collective purpose, as a people/species to evolve - to discover what pathologies keep us stagnant. I spoke of their being two levels of purpose that we must pay attention to - our individual self and the purpose of the world...literally, the earth as a living/breathing individual entity. 

It never occurred to me, well, in a fully conscious manner that we have the great work of discovering how to live out our individual call, while also discovering the ever-evolving purpose of the world. When we are in sync with this moment, our lives are inherently and cohesively bonded. We, as a people are able to transform any and every ism or evil that stands in our way of becoming "one" - literally. 

So, I have to ask you. What do you see as the purpose of the world right now? What pathologies are at bay that is preventing us from moving forward - and voyaging to the space that we could/should become? As Gary Zukav reminds us, "...authentic power is when we use our personality to serve the energy of our soul..."

How, then, might you use your platform, your space and all things that are you, to vibrate higher, in supporting the soul of our world, in this time?

I believe that is is the answer to global healing. It is the space that will transform us all to our nation's fulfillment. 

More to come, on how. 

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