Klay's Newest Project That Will Have You Talking: SPEAK

Here's what I love most about the work that I do: creating spaces to meet people where they are - and my newest project, SPEAK does exactly that. 

Beginning on June 15 - August 17 (Thursday evenings) I will facilitate this interesting group for my client, Park Ave CC in New York City.

So, what exactly is SPEAK about? 

Speak, is a space where weekly participants will gather and share intimate personal stories of faith, gratitude, struggle, healing and spiritual exploration. Under the spirit of thoughtful live music, we will share in the lived experiences that connects our faith journey through the power of story.

Every one has a story to tell, lessons that she or he has learned from. It's when we sit down to discuss our lived experiences that we gain a deeper understanding of another and even, ourself. 

Standby for some incredible highlights! 

The Universe is working, teaching and expanding. On hopeful ears, may empathy, compassion and change give us all power to boldly live. 

Klay WilliamsComment