What Being Caught In Yesterday's Storm Taught Me About Fighting Resistance

Your umbrella is about to fail you, Klay. 

As I stood on the curb awaiting the crosstown bus. 

Well, at least it's not pouring.  

Cue torrential downpour and an uptick in wind pressure. 

It's happening. Your umbrella will...



Looking around for scaffolding to stand under, some form of shelter as I frantically run in search of protection. 

Nope, nothing is happening Klay. But, keep looking...

Struck by the realization that this time, I would have no choice but to completely (and unexpectedly) do something that I did not intend, want or felt compelled to experience: 

Surrender to the rain, Mr. Williams. 

After the initial shock of every portion of my clothing being soaked, I started to laugh. I mean, what could I do? No cab insight. 

The realization that there was absolutely nothing I could do in that moment to stop the rain or alter the state of affairs, my perspective shifted to an understanding that I felt before, but sometimes like you, can ignore:

Full stop: This is what surrendering feels like! 

1 minute. 2 minutes. 3 minutes. 4 minutes, 10 minutes and so on, I stood in the rain (1st world problems), embracing every single moment of shower goodness. It was not that I loved the feeling of being wet and soggy, but a crazy euphoric state of, "I'm learning." 

Think about it. Our natural inclination is to fight against - to resist - experiences that we do not want to have. Resistance, in this case causes nothing more than added stress, anger and a volatile you and me. The more that I did myself the favor of accepting, I was transported to a time and place where playing in the rain was so much. 

Little Klay, with his yellow raincoat begging mom to go outside and play in the rain, anyone? 

I was reminded of freedom, of play, the idea of not taking every-single-moment-of-life-so-freaking-serious and just...(dare I say it?!)...just BE! 

The bus arrived and I finally made it home. 

After a warm shower, moisturizing (have we met?!) and putting on dry clothing, I was filled with gratitude - not because I was no longer wet, but as a result of allowing myself to embrace the present moment. 

What are you resisting? What are areas in your life that could use a shift in perspective? What do you need to embrace? 

To surrender, is to trust - not just in the present space of time or a higher power, but in the future. There is power in knowing that whatever is happening next is an experience, that if we remain open, can transport us to world of passionate gratitude, welcomed memories and perfect grace. 

Stand with me. I'll be waiting for you, in the rain.