Feeling Powerless In Unlocking The Power Of Surrendering? Here's Why. 



I think back along my journey of accomplishing my dreams, goals and calling, in pursuit of working towards my Plan A. In some instances vs. others, I've had the honor of vanquishing my goals with that old "tried and true" method of hard work. - I mean, what else is there, right? 

It was simple. If you work hard, you can get ahead. But, to my surprise - that old adage I heard over and over as a child was just a small piece of the puzzle. 

When I moved to NYC to swim among the other starfish hopefuls, the magic of "doing everything right" would become a laughing matter. To my surprise and actually a gift that I payed attention to clearly said: Klay, you do not need to work harder. You need to vibrate higher. 

I had always been a person of immense faith, but not an individual of tried and tested faith. So, the notion of surrendering - when life called for this special gift - seemed like a matter of hocus pocus, an "expelliamus" spell from the brilliance of Harry Potter or the thing that you heard yogis and spiritually charged people say all of the time. 

I had no idea, that I would need what these "spiritually charged" people, as I called them, had in order to raise my faith, level of abundance and deep seeded trust higher. 

The power of surrender often times will miss us because: 

  1. We lie to ourselves under the guise of being Control Freaks, when the simple and honest truth is: We do not trust ourselves! Here it is, we (you and I) have arrived at a dead end, a no phone zone, no bars left and we will still attempt to work behind the scenes - to see what else can be done. What more can we offer? Who else do we know? What if? Could I? Maybe if? All of this to the point of exhaustion, damage to our bodies and denial of being present as a result of not trusting that what we have done is, dare I say it...enough? The idea that our contributions were enough? And, let's just face it...the idea of truly believing that I, Klay, you _________________________, are ENOUGH. Open your heart and mind, right now to receive this: you can only go, excel, share and receive only as much as you connect the individuality of your immense specialness with being enough. You are then able to receive the power of surrender, without attachment to the end result - because when we reconcile that we are the "best of the best", you can close your eyes and take a shot anywhere on a court - if full ease that the ball will go through the hoop. You're not searching for the "How" to an impossible situation, because the surrendering gives you the power in seeing all possibilities and the trust in knowing that there are "wins" that you just can't see.
  2. Hear me when I say this and try not to take offense, but if we do not trust ourselves - how in the world do you think that you truly trust in a higher power to support, co-create and share in this life journey with you?! That being, Universe, God, etc., that we claim to be connected to, living and breathing within us....yeah...you do not trust. And, being honest with this realization, will only support you in understanding the "why", so that you can meet that feeling with action. Write down 3 of the most difficult times in your life. How has demonstrated faith in God supported me, then? What's different, now? 
  3. And, then there's the whole "I'm so fearful of success" that has become the norm of "surrender" conversations that I have with others. Flipped on its axis is another truth that we are a bit too afraid to face - the fear of not succeeding and risk of public humiliation. So, let's just assume that the scenario you are involved is within the realm of "high stakes." Others know of your interests, the work that you've put in and where you'd like your career, relationship or project to go when confronted with an impossible situation that you need to work in your favor. Obsession with finding the "win-win" scenario has become now a life or death situation, not b/c the work itself could possibly end in a learning experience, but more so as a result of being a "failure" in the public eye. All the while, knowing full well that it's time to trust in the work that you've done, in your co-creator (God) - the problem becomes worse - all as a result of your need to be seen in a powerful light in the eyes of your friends and family. Just when you think that you are exerting your power, incredible mistakes, misunderstandings and a huge mismanagement of affairs begin to occur and the power you thought you had...well...has transformed into powerlessness. 

Here are the questions that can give you a bit of resolve in finding power in surrendering: Did I do my very best? Is there a reoccurring lesson that I am not willing to receive (in spirit, mind and thought) as a result of this scenario? Am I being honest and authentic to my work? Have I taken feedback from trusted relationships and applied it to my overall view of things? Have I trusted myself to meet the challenge of this experience?

If your answers are, "yes," you owe it to yourself, the situation and to your co-creator to step out of the small space of your mind and rest firmly in the power of surrender - the ultimate win in stepping up your game.  

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