Hire A High School Intern - He Showed Me Why!

There is nothing more refreshing than interacting, learning from and working with people who are passionate about their work. They understand how immensely important their contribution is in not only sharing who they are creatively, but also are able to move beyond barriers to forge a path that is uniquely their own. Over the weekend, I had an incredible creative opportunity to work with a cutting edge photographer (Who I will introduce in an upcoming post - TRUST me, it's going to be worth the wait!) I knew that I would need additional support, so I went to my contact list of college interns, then my professional development rolodex of individuals attempting to transition from a corporate role to more of a creative career and thought to myself, "Hmmmm, let me try something different." 

I reached out to my good friend, Kevin who is a principal at a two (I know - wow!) high schools in Brooklyn. He mentioned a while back about all of the new creative/artistic programs that he was incorporating at his schools. So, naturally it hit me - why not reach out to Kev and give an opportunity to a deserving high school student?!

I did and the rest is history. Jhonatan was a wonderful assistant to the main photographer Andre L. Perry (I promise, I will have a FULL write-up on the genius that is Andre VERY SOON!) He was very curious, ready to work and stepped in to do whatever was needed. When young people are engaged in what sets their hearts on fire, excellence is the end result! 

I say all of this to note, if you are in a place where you can give our young adults opportunities to express their true self, hone their creative/intellectual ambitions and prepare a seat for them at the table, by all means, Do! There's a new generation of hungry, interesting and hard working high school students, ready to pounce on the right opportunity to be their very best. 

Follow Jhonatan on IG at: https_jin. 

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