Klay Set To Deliver Graduation Charge at BK's Vista Academy

I am beyond excited to return to the halls of Vista Academy to deliver this year's commencement address. You do not understand! No, seriously. 

In the planning stages of what would be a newly proposed NYC public school, my colleague and former K College classmate Dia Bryant approached me to be one of the author's for this incredible venture. Principal Bryant, myself and a very small team passed several rounds of edits back and forth for what seemed like a very long time. Copy editing, drafts and writing took us in to the wee hours of the morning - 2 or 3 AM - while I know for Dia, the school's founder, she stayed up way beyond us. A school that would triumphantly juxtapose Character and Academics became the foundation for all things that we would propose. 

Today, walking through the BK based school, visitors are bombarded with an intense feeling of strength, peserverance, team, deep love, passion, academic achievement, integrity - and a willingness to be the best in every area of human and intuitive engagement. In a few weeks, I will command the stage and share a charge rooted in Plan A, out-of-this-world curiosity and lifelong service. 

There is no place like home, and I cannot wait to return, sharing all of the wisdom and lessons I received along this wild and expansive ride called, intentional living. 

Let's go! #PlanA101 

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