Are You Available To 'New'?


I am just not a huge fan of routine. I know - crazy for a Virgo, right?! However, what I do know to be true for myself and something that I discovered a long time ago, life has this unusual process in pushing us outside of our comfort zone - in an effort to evolve us towards who we are called to become. Taking the leap back in 2007 and moving to NYC to couch surf with $500 was a part of my personal evolution. Before that time, you would probably catch me living inside of a box. 

The box is safe. It's even roomy. It's comfortable as hell. You do not have to be brave inside of the box. 

But something more continued to nag at me. So much so, I turned down a dream job opportunity to be one of the original six at the Tom Ford flagship store in New York. Then, I turned down Loro Piana (lost a friendship in the process), was a nightmare to my family and began to crumble. 

Ok, so Inger Parker told me that life would never be perfect for me to pursue my dream of starting my lifestyle firm and "sometimes, you just have to go..." - But wait a damn minute.  Who the hell was going to fund this go...? 

The box is calling. 

But no, the box is's so's not who...I am? 

Well, damn. The truth was evident and I knew that there was a plan that I was denying myself. Perhaps the next plan would be just as fulfilling, just as nurturing, life giving and fun. 

Or, I could cheat myself, the world and my truest calling, by not focusing on my Plan A. Why in the world would I settle for a whack Plan D, when the truth of my dreams + call was Plan A? This was not to say that there were no divergent paths towards my Plan A, but it is to say that Plan A - the call that God gave me is the only option. 

So, my intentions are to organically share my work with Plan A on this site in a way that enlightens, entertains, inspires and educates. I want to share my experiences with you, interview people who are living their Plan A, attempting to find that voice and do it in great style - or better said, the image that truly represent who they are. - To reflect their value inwardly and allow it to flow outwardly. We're going to have some dope content, subscription opportunities, online video courses and so much more!  

In order to be available to new, I had to step way outside of my comfort zone, confused some folks and became (still becoming) the truest version of myself that I know to be possible. I'm still on the ever winding road (heck, we all are) and am always learning. 

Even as I type this message and look over this amazing site, my affirmation is: I am available to new. 

My prayer this year has been quite simple: Thank you. Use me. Wow me!!! - I've asked to take my calling and ministry to higher heights. And with this great responsibility, there is an overt call - like never before in my time (at least) beseeching us to open our hearts and unapologetically let our light shine. No more holding back, friends. If you know that you're playing it safe, denying yourself true abundance and have a passion to serve in your very own unique way, let's start together. I am here to support you in living out your most supreme dreams. Subscribe right now for your complimentary welcome gift! 

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