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Plan A ℠ Consultation:
For one intense hour, I'll help you organize your thoughts and make sense of past patterns. Get clear, judgment-free advice in one session.

Plan A ℠ Intensive Package:
Known as the "afternoon experience," this package includes one mega four-hour session geared toward your specific area of concern. Talk it out in consecutive 50-minute segments with 10-minute breaks to reflect between. Includes a 30-minute consultation.

Plan A ℠ Interval Package:
Looking to change your life in a big way? Opt for this four-week program to address critical big-picture issues. You'll get four 90-minute sessions along with a 45-minute consultation and twice-weekly email support. I'll help you listen to the most important voice: your own.

Plan A ℠ Exclusive Membership Package:
The Plan A Lifestyle Membership is a luxury mind, body, spirit, and professional total makeover experience. Sometimes in life we are in need of having a personal dream team of life coaches, fitness experts, nutritionists, personal stylists and more to place our lives on a higher platform. This package is an all-inclusive membership, with access to the industry’s best in health, beauty and wellness–the full range of a Plan A transformation.

Image Consulting:
What does your personal brand say about you? Your professional dreams? Your goals? Your relationship desires? Our Plan A Team will offer a full assessment on where you are now versus your intended goals. Receive invaluable tools on style, personal branding, esteem and other qualifiers that are unique to your personal narrative, by our exclusive network of imaging experts. 

Develop My Team

Organizations, if you want an amazing staff, with higher productivity and incredible morale, invest in their well being and hire personal and professional development consultants outside of your company. Chances are, fresh perspectives, a commanding presence and innovative team building ideas will transform your work environment and global growth.   

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