Plan A Fireside Chats, Workshops + Keynotes:
Progressive and forward thinking companies are joining a global movement in seriously investing in their employees personal + professional well-being. Through innovative, intimate and transformational purposed conversation, we provide corporations and organizations pathways to increase productivity/work-life balance in their: Career, Relationships, Wellness + Spiritual Life.

“Being vulnerable in general is hard, but he (Klay) somehow gets us to do it in the workplace, which I think is amazing and super valuable with colleagues. I never feel shamed for my emotions and he makes it very easy to open up.”

— Amanda S., Airbnb Corporate

Plan A Wellness Retreats + Programming:
Through holistic programming, our experts will curate a wellness experience for your team or organization through diverse activities, ranging from meditation, yoga, spa to spiritual, self-discovery and personal transformation.

Media Hosting:
With an array of hosting experience on various digital, LIVE TV and audio platforms, Klay lives to inform, inspire, educate, motivate and entertain. Klay is available for partnering with projects that share this same sense of value and intention.

“As an interviewer, Klay intimately understands how to find what lies beneath. A masterful communicator who has perfected the art of listening, Klay affords his guests the sacred trust and security necessary to share the most personal truths of their human experience.”

Dorothy Toran, Real Housewives of New Jersey, Executive Producer

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