How to Create Transformational Change In ONE Secret Step

I had such an amazing weekend full of aha moments, new beginnings and great conversation with so many interesting people. The one conversation piece that seemed to surface in most of my talks centered around one word - CHANGE. 

How do I get it? When will it happen? Why does it take so long? I’ve done everything right on my end, when will the Universe grant my request? 

 I must admit, the idea of wanting monumental change - a shift - is a very difficult experience. And, sometimes it’s not about having patience, but more so a shift in consciousness. 

What would happen if your prayer request was not that of, “Please, right now” to “May I be ready God/The Universe, for your timing.” 

Think about that for 5 minutes and sit with this thought. 

Does that not change the equation and your method of thinking? Often times, when sudden change happens the argument on the other end is, “OMG - I’m not ready for this new job assignment, being laid off, saying goodbye to a loved one, moving to another state, marriage or the next step in a partnership..."

When we focus our thoughts on staying ready, to the very best of our ability, it allows us to remain in a space of gratitude, clarity and alignment with the flow of our individual life cycle. 

Out of flow looks like this: Haste, insecurity and feeling a sense of deep burden. If you are in this space right now, you are out of flow with your life. You are asking for an outward change, when the change resides directly in you.  

Never be in a rush for where life is taking you. Timing has told you before in the past, (I’m sure), it is all unfolding as it should. Do you trust the timing of your life in past? ...Well, do you? 

Step up your game and begin a new prayer request today, in thought and deed:

May I be ready God/The Universe, for your timing. 

Stay ready and be-about-the business of doing your part.  Life will take care of the rest.


Klay WilliamsComment